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The Pizza Joint

Elizabeth, Joe and their children
A busy night at The Pizza Joint

The Pizza Joint is a small family-run and operated pizzeria in historic downtown Nevada City. My husband and I are both from the East Coast and we love pizza. We moved here 11 years ago from Colorado and have fallen in love with the community and area as a whole. We were given the opportunity to be a part of the downtown Nevada City scene and decided to open up a pizzeria serving pizza the way we know and love from home! We spent a year of diligent research educating ourselves on how to replicate the perfect slice.

My husband, Joe, took a lot of guess work out of pizza making by enrolling in Tony Gemignani, International School of Pizza. He remains an adviser to us to this day. We also attended the Pizza Expo in Las Vegas where we became familiar of all the different products available. Joe took pizza making seminars to perfect his skill and I enrolled in pizza management courses. We are proud of our ever improving product and our motto is “Get Better Daily”. We proudly use Tony Gemignani non-GMO flour from Central Milling out of Petaluma. Our tomatoes are from Stanislaus of Modesto. Joe and I visited their tomato farm late last summer and were insanely impressed with their devotion to quality and dedication to integrity.

We then decided to use Grande cheese, which is a 150 year old Italian artisan diary in Wisconsin! These high-quality ingredients have formed the basis for our pizza. We are a slice house with a variety of pies ready to be eaten super hot, fresh and fast. We also gladly make any 20 inch pizza made to order to be eaten in or taken out. We have a 10 inch cauliflower crust and vegan cheese available.

Please come give us a try and let us know what you think!